E4T Radio is ON!!! 

Check us out on the raddest app on the planet, Stationhead. Big names like American Authors, David Cook, Raekwon and Timeflies are already hopping ON, and the dominos are about to fall. Even broadway stars like Laura Dreyfuss and Kevin McHale are hopping ON (sometimes during intermission). E4T is a big believer in the POWER of the platform, and listeners have been loving our show. Here’s the gist:

  • We bring ON up-and-coming musicians, or already established, musicians to chat, and if their game, even do a little JAMMING
  • We talk about the current E4T music queue. Who’s about to POP? What do we look for in good music?
  • Bring ON listeners. Meet the artists. Tell us what you’re jamming to. What motivates you? After all that’s the BEAUTY of Stationhead. So if you join, be prepared to be called!

Instructions on how to join the party:

  • Download the free Stationhead app to your iPhone (other devices coming later)
  • You’ll also need a paid Spotify account or Apple Music.
  • Create your own station full of your favorite tunes
  • Search on the Ear4Talent station and follow us
  • Wait for us to go ON and join!

Upcoming Episodes

Stay tuned! Announcement coming soon!

Past Episodes

Week 39 – Pontea

Week 38 – Morgan St. Jean

Week 37 – Subeck

Week 36 – Kandle

Week 35 – Brennan Villines

Week 34 – With Max Ater in Maine

Week 33 – New Music and Hang with E4T


Week 31 – Pre-Show at U.S. Girls

Week 30 – Alexander Vincent

Week 29 – Pick Up and Run

Week 28 – The Return of Vian Izak – Album Release Show!

Week 27 – Hayley Reardon

Week 25 – Yo No Say

Week 24 – 20 Songs in 60 Minutes

Week 23 – Lo Artiz

Week 22 – Vian Izak

Week 21 – Noisywaters

Week 20 – Morgan St. Jean

Week 19 – Holiday Karaoke

Week 18 – Marie Ferren

Week 17 – darkDARK

Week 16 – Thanksgiving Special

Week 15 – JYWRRN

Week 14 – Wyldrye

Week 13 – Dave Becker

Week 12 – Nathalie Hernandez

Week 11 – Mark Femino

Week 10 – Pontea

Week 9

Week 8

Week 7

Week 6

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