Pumped to have you on our show. You’re in esteemed company, as all guests so far have been extremely talented.

Here are some quick instructions to get you going:

  • Install the Stationhead app to your iPhone (Android coming soon). You can get it from the app store here
  • It will probably have you login to Spotify. Remember you need a paid account…which 99% of musicians have. 😃 There’s now a new option of connecting to Apple Music.
  • Keep in mind when you choose your username that it isn’t so easy to change. Your band name probably makes sense…unless other members will be on
  • Feel free to use a profile pic for your account. You can also set up some songs on your station…feel free to add some of your own
  • Follow my station at EAR4TALENT…that way you’ll be alerted when we go on the air, and we can bring you ON
  • The show starts at the designated time and you’ll be invited ON shortly thereafter. A message will pop up on your phone asking you to come ON…just click “accept.” 
  • We’d love it if you can play a couple songs live, but if not we’ll just play them from within the app (and allow people to “bite” them. You get streaming credit for all people listening). If you are playing live, the cell mic is decent as-is. Some run in audio (mics/guitar etc) via devices like iRig, but that’s up to you. You’re also welcome to use two channel (mic & guitar). Another option is a little external mic that can plug into audio jack, which will improve quality. But again, cell mic is typically OK as-is.
  • Do you have any merch to share? If so, we’ll choose a guest that we bring on the air as the winner of the merch (hat, t-shirt, whatever) that you can send to them and get a fan for life. ✌️

Let us know if you have any questions.

Your help in promoting the show to your friends will make for a bigger audience. Stationhead is still in private beta, so we’ll get some decent numbers with many more coming in the near future. The beauty is in the intimite setting where you can actually interact with current and new fans. So keep an eye out as we promote the show on our various social media channels and spread the word!

Thanks, and can’t wait to have you on the show!